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Our Solutions

The experts at Laser Service want to help you make highly-intelligent farming decisions that increase farm efficiency to protect the land, increase yields, and generate a greater ROI. We don't just sell agriculture products, we provide precision expertise for your entire operation.


Guidance & Steering

Complete field applications quickly and efficiently with guidance and steering products that help you accurately monitor and map field information in real time. Find the right solution for your farm.

  • Displays

  • Automated Guidance Systems: Autopilot, EZ-Pilot, & EZ-Pilot Pro

  • Implement Guidance Systems

  • RTK & RTX Corrections

  • GNSS Receivers

  • Local RTK Networks

Water & Irrigation

Laser Service offers Trimble's complete line of grade control and drainage systems. These rugged systems are easy to use, fully upgradeable and flexible enough to meet a wide range of requirements. 

  • FieldLevel II System

  • Laser Systems

  • Drainage Solutions & Software

  • Land Forming Solutions

  • RTK Surveying Solutions

  • RTK Base Stations

  • GNSS Receivers


Boost yields, eliminate over-application, and dial in your input costs with Trimble's flow and application control systems, including flow control valves, spot-spray products, and variable rate application and section control.

Application Control

  • Field-IQ Crop Input Control System

  • WeedSeeker Spot Spray System

  • WeedSeeker 2

  • ISO Application Control

Data Management

Connect your entire operation with an innovative, fully integrated software solution that will transform the way you farm. Laser Services provides easy-to-sync, affordable software with cutting-edge power and no headaches.

  • Trimble Ag Software

  • Water Management Software

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